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A few weeks back I posted a poll to determine who is America's Greatest Rock Star

FIRST, the voting:
  • 13 friends voted  -  either by logging in here at LiveJournal, or by commenting on Facebook, as follows:
    • WINNER - Bruce Springsteen - 8 votes
    • RUNNER UP - "Hey, Elvis dying was the beginning of the end of American rock, so fuggetaboudit" - 2 votes
    • Fats Domino - 1 vote
    • Bon Jovi - 1 vote
    • Tom Petti - 1 vote
SECOND, my (sad) conclusion.  13 people voted, but 2 voted for "rock is dead"  -  so really 11 people voted, not exactly overwhelming.  I would say, "apathetic".  It has been pointed out to me that the mainstream of people who listen to music are not listening to rock and roll any more, much as I was not listening to Frank Sinatra or Tony Bennett in the 50's, 60's, 70's.  I have been told that the mass of younger people are listening to Jay-Z, Eminem and other stars who are not rock and rollers.  So my second conclusion is, sadly, that I (and many of my friends) have reached that same place that my parents were in when I simply couldn't understand that they didn't "get it".  This is not to say that people, including young people, don't listen to r&r  -  it's just that r&r is no longer the mainstream music that expresses the aspirations, feelings and desires of the future of our society . . . the youth.

As this was a poll of American rock stars we didn't include Paul McCartney, U2, Elton John, David Bowie, etc., etc., etc.  There are currently many more major British rockers than there are Americans, but it really doesn't change the result.  R&R is taking it's place on the shelf next to the crooners of bygone days.  You can be sure the great R&R music will survive, but I'm afraid the days of girls screaming over Elvis, dancing in bars to the Rolling Stones' Honky Tonk Women and marching for righteous causes to the music of Bob Dylan are long gone, and don't reside anywhere in the memories of our youth.

PS: I will now go turn on my 70's era monster stereo, 500W per channel, and listen to the incomparable drum solo from In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, and rock will continue to live on here in my world.


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