stusegal: (Teutonic Highway from Hell)
2010-12-28 10:40 pm

Faster, faster, faster????

When I was a kid, there seemed to always be someone breaking some speed record.  Mickey Thompson breaking the wheel-driven record over 400mph, Craig Breedlove in his jet-powered Spirit of America, Donald Campbell in his Bluebird.

The ultimate of course was the X-15.  It went faster than anything - in 1967 it flew at Mach 6.7, that's 4,519 mph (7,273 kph)!  And nothing on land, sea or air has ever gone faster.  (Excluding, of course, rocket launches).


A simple question 44 yrs after X-15 hit Mach 6.7  -  why have we stopped trying to go faster, faster, faster?