My condolences on the loss of a true friend

Date: 2009-09-13 09:28 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
I tried to copy Vito's success story from our web site.I'm sorry that the pictures did not come through.

Vito Lends A Helping Paw

I'm writing this update, because believe it or not, it's almost 5 years since we adopted Vito. For those of you who don't know Vito, he is a 140 lb. bullmastiff, who was surrendered to the NYC Animal Shelter on Staten Island, and was rescued by Rawhide. The Hutchens family fostered him, and found out what a sweet dog he is.
When Vito came to us he was the sweetest dog you'd ever want to meet (and also incidentally, was housebroken, leash trained, trained to respond to hand commands, and the best behaved dog we had ever met). He also came to us with some medical issues - a neutering which had gone wrong, and took a month or so of very intensive care, followed by a diagnosis of serious dysplasia which has required a lifetime of daily therapy (controlled exercise), medication and diet for Vito.
BUT WHAT A SUCCESS STORY FOR AN ADOPTION! Not only is Vito the best mannered dog we've ever known, in 2005 he passed the Therapy Dogs International test and began doing therapy work with Hospice Patients. Vito goes weekly to the Barbara E. Cheung Memorial Hospice at the Roosevelt Care Center in Edison, and visits with patients, families and staff. In the most somber of environments, Vito brings a smile to the faces of stressed family members and overworked staff. About the last thing family members expect to see in the Hospice is a big sweet bullmastiff - and those who are animal lovers just seem to warm up to Vito.
When not at the Hospice we try to take Vito to both Main Street and the Park, where he lets all the kids hug him and hang on him. He is absolutely the greatest ambassador for both bullmastiffs and rescue dogs.
Without Rawhide to rescue Vito, there's no telling what would have become of him. Today he's a 7 year old bullmastiff, who is a wonderful family member, and through his Therapy work has brought a smile to many people going through some of the toughest time of their lives. Thank goodness for Rawhide Rescue.
Stu & Rashmika

Whenever we lose one of ours now we say they are walking with Ingela. I know Ingela is proud to have Vito as a companion.


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