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Come out for a gentle morning stroll and meet great authors, artists and editors.  Some of your favorite Hugo Award, World Fantasy Award and John W. Campbell winners and nominees.  EVERYONE IS INVITED!

This way you can go to the Con, do all the stuff you normally do, but also get out in the fresh air for a healthy stroll and some good conversation. (And let me stress, we mean "stroll" - def: a leisurely walk. This will not be a heart-pounding aerobic activity, it ...will be a stroll). A leisurely mile - which will take a little more than a half hour but less than an hour.

Some very interesting Authors, Artists and Editors have agreed to lead the Strolls, and will be strolling along at the right pace to have a good conversation.


So far, hosting the Strolls will be:
  • LOU ANDERS - 4-time Hugo Award nominated editorial director of Pyr Books
  • KATE BAKER - Podcast Director for multiple Hugo nominated Clarkesworld Magazine
  • JAMES ENGE - Author of "Morlock the Maker" series
  • CLAY & SUSAN GRIFFITH - Authors of "Vampire Empire - The Greyfriar"
  • DEANNA HOAK - World Fantasy Award nominated copy editor
  • ERIN HOFFMAN - Author of the upcoming "Sword of Fire and Sea"
  • MARY ROBINETTE KOWAL - John W. Campbell Award winning author
  • ARI MARMELL - Novelist, gamer, author of the upcoming Pyr Books "The Goblin Corps" and "Household G-ds"
  • ANDREW P. MAYER - Game designer, and author of the upcoming "Society of Steam"
  • FARAH MENDLESOHN - Hugo Award winning co-author of "The Cambridge Companion to Science Fiction"
  • JAMES PALMER - writer, editor and author who has written for Strange Horizons, RevolutionSF, and the Internet Review of Science Fiction
  • JOHN PICACIO - World Fantasy Award winning illustrator
  • STEPHEN H. SEGAL - Hugo Award winning editor of "Weird Tales"
  • JON SPRUNK - Author of "Shadow's Son"
  • SAM SYKES - Author of "Tome of the Undergates"
We are going to meet each morning, Sat-Mon, on the sidewalk in front of the main (Peachtree Street) entrance of the Hyatt Regency at 9AM; returning each morning before before 10AM.

NOTE: You don't need to "sign up" for this event, just show up.  You may want to check out and RSVP over at out Facebook Page.
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